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HTO Pathfinder Soft Lure


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– Streamlined sandeel type lure with a slim jig head.
– Narrow body and paddle tail for life like swimming action.
– Glow in the dark glitter to create a unique glowing body (excluding Sandeel colour).
– Irresistible to predatory species.

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A sandeel type soft plastic lure that is irresistible to predatory fish. The Pathfinder is long and slender, with a slim, streamlined jig head. The tail is narrow, which helps to increase the action of the paddle tail when retrieved, giving the lure a life like swimming action. This will send vibrations through the water to stimulate near by predators into seeking the disturbance. A trick up this lures sleeve is the glow in the dark glitter (excluding Sandeel colour) that has been impregnated throughout the body. Exposing the lure to light, the glitter becomes energised providing a unique glow that predatory fish will find hard to ignore.


HSPAFMIHTO Pathfinder Soft Lure - 120mm | 12g Head | Midnight, HTO£2.99
HSPAFBMHTO Pathfinder Soft Lure - 120mm | 12g Head | Bloody Mackerel, HTO£2.99
HSPAFBPHTO Pathfinder Soft Lure - 120mm | 12g Head | Bloody Pearl, HTO£2.99
HSPAFSAHTO Pathfinder Soft Lure - 120mm | 12g Head | Sandeel, HTO£2.99



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