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HTO Glide Walker


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Key Features

  • Modern lure rod designed for surface lure fishing.
  • Fast action blank for long, accurate casting.
  • Designed to work surface lures with minimum effort.
  • Stunning looks. Fitted with K Style Spinning Guides and modern VSS Reel Seat.

Where to buy

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A range of bass lure fishing rods that have been designed for the angler who will be predominately fishing with surface lures. The fast action blank has been developed to cast surface lures to distance, with a high degree of accuracy. This fast blank allows the angler to transmit as much action as possible to the lure with less movements on the rod, especially when fishing with braided lines. Ideal for fishing with all types of surface action from walking the dog to more extreme popping motions. Each rod is finished with a dark grey, black and silver colour scheme, special attention to detail around the reel seat gives this blank a modern look usually found on much more expensive rods. Each tip ring has an orange accent, ideal when fishing in low visibility conditions. A VSS reel seat securely holds the reel in place while K Style Spinning Guides ensure trouble free, efficient casting of surface lures.


HRGW27MLHTO Glide Walker - 5-28g | 2.7m£49.99
HRGW27MHTO Glide Walker - 10-30g | 2.7m£49.99
HRGW27MHHTO Glide Walker - 12-42g | 2.7m£49.99



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