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Big Dog Whiptail


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Key Features

  • Clear frames that look as cool as they function.
  • Frames allow air flow and are comfortable in hot weather.
  • Polarising lenses to remove glare from the water.
  • Come with Big Dog hard case and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Where to buy

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When you want to bring a bit of catwalk style into your fishing, the clear frames are sure to be favourites with the fashion-conscious angler. These glasses allow air flow around the lenses and can be more comfortable in hot weather. All lenses are polarising, which takes the glare off the water allowing you to see into the water better. They come with a Big Dog hard case and microfibre cleaning cloth.


BDWHCBBig Dog Whiptail - Clear | Blue£27.99
BDWHCGBig Dog Whiptail - Clear | Green£27.99
BDWHCOBig Dog Whiptail - Clear | Orange£27.99



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