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AXIA Neoprene Boots


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Key Features

  • A warm, waterproof boot that is ideal for both boat and shore fishing.
  • Made from 4mm neoprene above the ankle which is warm, waterproof and flexible.
  • The sole and ankle section is made from hard-wearing PVC that is durable and lightweight.
  • An excellent boot for wearing in the colder months and for fishing in cold countries.
  • Available in sizes 7 through to 13.

Where to buy

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A warm and waterproof boot that is ideal for the boat or shore angler when waders are not required. The boot is made from two materials, the top part is made from 4mm neoprene, which is waterproof and very warm. It is also flexible and soft, which makes it ultra-comfortable for wearing for long periods. The sole and ankle section is made from a hard-wearing PVC material that is durable and lightweight. The sole has been cut to provide a high grip on most surfaces, ideal for wearing for all manner of fishing situations and locations. A fantastic boot for the colder months and fishing in cold countries such as Iceland and Norway, they are lightweight, so ideal for popping in the suitcase.


ANPB7AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 7 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99
ANPB8AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 8 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99
ANPB9AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 9 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99
ANPB10AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 10 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99
ANPB11AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 11 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99
ANPB12AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 12 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99
ANPB13AXIA Neoprene Boots - Size 13 | Black | Pair Per Pack£54.99



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