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AXIA Clip On Led


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Key Features

  • Super bright, long lasting LED that clips onto a rod tip to aid bite identification at night.
  • Comes with a green and orange cap to suit the angler’s preference.
  • Tough and grippy and won’t come off in a cast.

Where to buy

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A super bright, long lasting LED light that clips onto most diameters of rod tip. Running off a 3V lithium battery, the Clip on LED light will last for hundreds of hours off a single battery, giving plenty of reliable fishing hours. It comes with both a green and orange cap so the angler can choose a colour that suits them, when using two rods, these caps can be used to identify different rods by using orange on one and green on the other. Available in 3mm and 4mm sizes to fit most shore rods.


TPCOE3LAXIA Clip On Led - 3mm | 1 Per Pack£5.99
TPCOE4LAXIA Clip On Led - 4mm | 1 Per Pack£5.99



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