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AXIA Bubble Float


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– Used for a wide variety of fishing in saltwater and freshwater.
– Weight can be added or reduced by changing the water level in the float.
– Clear plastic makes these floats more concealed when fishing for spooky fish.

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Clear plastic bubble floats that can be used for a wide variety of fishing types. Weight is added to the bubble float by filling it with varying amounts of water to increase or decrease its weight, depending on the type of fishing and the casting distance required. Extensively used in sea fishing for live bait fishing for bass or when targeting mullet. Freshwater anglers use bubble floats for targeting trout and perch on worms. They can also be used as controller floats.


AFBUBMAXIA Bubble Float - Round | Medium | Clear, AXIA£1.29
AFBUBLAXIA Bubble Float - Round | Large | Clear, AXIA£1.29



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