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HTO Rockfish Rods


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Four solid tipped rods feature in the range. These are fantastic for fishing with jig heads on the drop, and for reducing the resistance felt by species that inhale a bait.

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The original Rockfish range was one of our most successful rod launches, the first range of rods designed in the UK for LRF fishing at a sensible price for all. The 2019 range took that to a new level and now, our 2024 range takes it even further, introducing a wider range of affordable LRF rods.

Each rod features the ideal action for fishing with a wide range of ultralight lures and their tactics. A new, modern look, with fewer whippings, keeps the rods lightweight, with each blank fitted with single-leg SiC guides and VSS style reel seats. The blanks are made from IM7 carbon, which gives the rods a crisp, responsive feel.

A modern twist on a classic rod range.


HR613SHTO Rockfish Rods - 1.85m | 6'1" | 0.5-3g | 0.2-0.4 PE | Solid tip, HTO£39.99
HR665SHTO Rockfish Rods - 1.98m | 6'6" | 0.5-5g | 0.2-0.4 PE | Solid tip, HTO£39.99
HR6117SHTO Rockfish Rods - 2.10m | 6'11" | 0.5-7g | 0.2-0.4 PE | Solid tip, HTO£39.99
HR6117THTO Rockfish Rods - 2.10m | 6'11" | 1-7g | 0.2-0.4 PE | Tubular Tip, HTO£39.99
HR6117T4HTO Rockfish Rods - 2.10m | 6'11" | 1-7g | 0.2-0.4 PE | Tubular Tip, HTO£49.99
HR7612THTO Rockfish Rods - 2.28m | 7'6" | 2-12g | 0.2-0.6 PE | Tubular Tip, HTO£39.99
HR71011SHTO Rockfish Rods - 2.40m | 7'10" | 3-11g | 0.2-0.6 PE | Solid tip, HTO£39.99



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