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A day at Samphire Hoe with Saul Page

The Tronixpro crew head to Samphire Hoe for the Fishing Britain Cameras, a venue often shunned for being too difficult to fish, here Saul demonstrates with the right tactics, there is nothing to fear!

Myself (George Cunningham), and Tronixpro pro staff Saul Page were invited to fish with the guys from Fishing Britain at Samphire Hoe in Kent, a venue which many avoid due to the snaggy rocks on the sea bed, Saul demonstrates that using the correct techniques that the venue is nothing to fear. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Check out the first instalment where Saul is asked to test a new bait additive spray called Stinky Stuff:

30 fish was a conservative effort at the midway stage, I would estimate that Saul had between 70 and 80 fish throughout the day.

The second instalment Saul describes and demonstrates the basic techniques of the pendulum cast. Check it out, there is more to come next week from the guys at Fishing Britain:

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed making them, don't forget to subscribe to the Fishing Britain and Tronixpro you tube channels so you don't miss any of our videos in the future!


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