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Tronixpro Injection GT Review

If you’re in the market for a new shore rod, then you may be surprised what your money can buy you these days. With a little bit of homework, you can pick up some real gems for little money. Tronixpro has a reputation for producing some innovative continental style surf casting rods, and I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with the Tronixpro Injection GT 4.5m rod over the last few months, here is my take on this latest addition to the Tronixpro rod lineup.

The Tronixpro Injection GT comes in both a 4.2m and a 4.5m version. It is designed to cast between 100 and 250g and comes in a three-piece configuration. Three-piece is the norm for continental, surfcasting style rods and also makes it convenient to transport too. It comes fitted with a Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji K guides. It has a grafted hybrid glass tip for excellent bite detection and is designed primarily as an all-round clean beach rod. The blank section between the tip ring and third intermediate rig is reflective white for enhanced visual bite detection.

Tronixpro Injection GT: How does it fish?

Due to my location, slap bang in-between the mighty Chesil & the fast flowing Bristol Channel, I needed something which could cast well, yet hold up in the fast-flowing tide of the second strongest tide range in the world, while still allowing excellent bite detection.

Tronixpro Injection GT

As you can see below, the rods hold up lovely in a 12m Bristol Channel tide, the hybrid glass tip with the white finish is excellent for bite detection while strong enough not to be affected by the wind and tide. I have matched the rods up with a pair of Tronixpro Virtuoso XT reels; this set can turn heads on the beach as I am sure you will agree.

Tronixpro Injection GT

The photo below is from my second trip out with the rods. The rods can handle a 6oz lead and a small squid bait. When using a fixed spool reel setup, I only use a straightforward over the head cast. I found the stiff middle section supports my casting style well, even when using bigger baits.

Tronixpro Injection GT

Catching fish!

Back in December, I was lucky enough to land my first double figured cod of the winter season while using the Tronixpro Injection GT. Although I was fishing onto the sand, I did have 20m of a rugged reef to bully the fish across, and a strong tide. I found the rod had plenty of backbone when required.

Tronixpro Injection GT

Same species, different venue & tactics…

The last few weeks I have been targeting cod at Chesil, this venue is all about distance in my eyes, so I continued with the same setup. The beauty of the Tronixpro Virtuoso XT reels are the interchangeable spools. Extra spools allow you to carry a multitude of different line diameters to suit the type of fishing and conditions. With distance in mind, I swapped my spools for ones that loaded with a lower diameter line in 15lbs.

I set up with a short pulley rig, 5oz lead with small baits to minimise the drag on casting, I found a gentle over the head thump achieved great distance, the rod loaded up throughout the middle section to allow me to put the power on, no problem at all.

We all know fishing involves lots of luck and on this day, the fishing gods were looking down on me, on the first cast I had a massive pull down which resulted in another double-figure cod of 11lb 3oz. Result!

Tronixpro Injection GT

As you can see from my photos and review I’ve enjoyed using these rods, the review comes from a true angler, not a technical wizard, so here are the numbers which some of you guys will be interested in:

  • Available in 4.2m and 4.5m
  • Casting 100-250g
  • Spliced solid glass tip
  • Fuji K guides
  • Fuji DPS screw reel seat
  • Shrink tube grips

In summary, these rods are outstanding for the money. They do as promised. Please pop into your local shop to get hold of one of these rods. You will not be disappointed.

Tronixpro Injection GT

For more information on the Tronixpro Injection GT click here. To find your nearest stockist visit our Store Locator.

Wayne Hand is a Tronixpro Brand Ambassador for Veals Mail Order.


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