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Tronixpro Bucket – It’s More Than Just a Bucket!

Callum Graham looks at the new Tronixpro Bucket, tray and lid, finally a bucket designed with the sea angler in mind.

At last! Us beach anglers don’t need to make do any more. No longer will we be using coarse fishing equipment, cooking oil or even mayonnaise branded equipment. We can eventually look complete on the beach because finally we have our very own sea angling bucket!

You probably don’t realise how excited I am by this product, at the end of the day, it’s only a bucket! But it’s been far too long of a wait not to be excited by this! For, well, ever since I started fishing competitively ten years ago I have never owned a bucket designed for sea anglers. Instead I have plastered stickers over whatever dodgy bucket I’m making do with. Once I had run out of room to stick stickers on, I’d find myself a new bucket and start all over again! I’ll need to find a new place for my stickers now though, as my shiny new Tronixpro Bucket needs to be looking pristine!

Tronixpro Bucket

Your probably wondering how this bucket is going to be so mind blowing and leave you speechless when you first lay eyes upon it…well, err.. it’s not! It’s only a bucket! A bucket with a couple of well thought out features though.

The first feature is very useful and may go unnoticed until pointed out. This feature is its completely flat, level lid. And why is this such a big deal? Well if you’ve ever tried to fillet a fish on a bucket lid with raised edges you’ll know just how much of a pain it is; angling the knife down to avoid rubbing the blade, handle or your hand round the edges. Well you don’t need to worry about this anymore, the lid is your new purpose made chopping board.

Tronixpro Bucket

The second feature is the tray insert that comes with the bucket. The concept of a shallow tray in the top of the bucket isn’t a new idea at all. Loads of buckets have this. However it seems loads of bucket manufacturers also didn’t want you to remove this tray without emptying its contents, turning it upside down, and banging it till the tray falls out. Kind of defeats its purpose doesn’t it?

Tronixpro Bucket

Well Tronixpro were clever and asked for these crazy things called handles to be added onto the tray so you can easily remove it without getting annoyed and kicking the bucket down the beach.

I really do like my Tronixpro bucket (as you have probably gathered), it holds my water, is my chopping board, holds my bait and does everything else a bucket should do. What do I like about it most? Well it’s designed purely for sea anglers; I don’t look like I’m taking thirty litres of Hellmans down the beach with me anymore! You never know, those freshwater guys might start getting jealous!


About the author

Callum Graham

Callum Graham is the World Junior Champion 2012 and a current member of the England youth beach fishing team. Callum has represented England at both junior and youth level in the past.



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