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TronixFishing Look for Global Distributors

Fast growing UK fishing tackle manufacturer looks for distributors in key markets around the world.

Ambitious UK based TronixFishing is looking towards expanding its two well-known and fast growing brands, Tronixpro and HTO. The company is looking to secure relationships with distributors across the globe to bring Tronixpro and HTO products to a worldwide audience of anglers.

The move follows on from the company’s main exploratory deal in Holland which has seen the Tronixpro brand expand throughout the territory, becoming a major player in the Dutch pleasure and match beach fishing scene. The success of which has led to Tronixpro becoming the official sponsor of the Dutch Shore Fishing Team.

Tronixpro and HTO are two brands that have grown massively throughout the UK and Ireland over the previous ten years. Growing a cult following of anglers who actively seek out their products in tackle shops. The growth of the brand has been accelerated through the UK’s match fishing scene with strategic sponsorships of the England Shore Fishing Teams. Tronixpro also sponsor a number of recognised shore fishing events including the Irish Winter Beach Championships, the Home Nations Shore Championships, the National Sea League Final and the prestigious 2016 World Shore Fishing Championships.

Tronixpro is an affordable range of premium sea fishing tackle dedicated primarily to the shore angler. The range of tackle spans from high end, surf casting rods, multiplier and fixed spool reels as well as intricate terminal tackle ranges suited to both the novice and advanced angler. The brand also produces a large range of innovative luggage pieces and accessories designed to make the anglers experience more efficient and pleasurable.

HTO is a lure fishing brand, dedicated to the modern lure angler, producing award winning tackle for anglers looking to target predatory salt and freshwater species. Amongst its famous products are the HTO Rockfish range of rods for the light game angler, the HTO Shore and Lure Game rods for the dedicated salt and predator angler and Slow Jigging II for the up and coming slow jigging market. In addition to rods, HTO produces an extensive range of soft plastic lures, jigs, luggage and lure fishing accessories.

Interested parties should get in touch with the company directly via phone at +44 1903 732567 or via our contact us page.

About the author

Mike Thrussell Jnr

Mike has been sea angling since the age of three and has worked in a number of roles within the industry for more than twenty years. Primarily a boat angler who enjoys species fishing, he also enjoys targeting bigger species such as smoothhound, tope and blue sharks on light tackle.



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