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Ollie Hopkins

Discipline: Beach Match Fishing / Surfcasting

Ollie HopkinsOllie Hopkins is a member of the England Senior team, the World Youth Champion 2013 and winner of countless medals in under 16 and under 21 match competitions.


Silver, under 16 World Championships – France 2007
Gold, under 16 Home Nations – Dover 2008
Silver, under 21 World Champs – Spain 2008
Bronze, under 21 Home Nations – Peterhead, Scotland 2010
Gold, under 21 Home Nations – Dover 2012
Bronze, World Champs – Montenegro 2012
Silver, under 21 Home Nations – Pwllheli Wales 2013
Individual Gold & Team Gold, under 21 World Champs – Melilla Spain 2013

BRANDS: TronixproVercelliYukiAsari

Latest Posts by Ollie

Undulate Rays and 2 Personal Bests

This is my favourite time of the year; the summer fish are still about and the winter fish are starting to show. Knowing that the weather and tide was going to be perfect for the undulate rays, bass and many other species on our local beaches  I loaded a my fishing gear and off we went. I teamed up with fellow Tronix Pro staff member Callum Graham, Toby Oldfield, England youth team member and Kees Gillissen, Dutch international.

We set up our gear just before dusk. Knowing that the summer species are still about, I opted for scad and mackerel using light long rigs, the Tronixpro glow popups and size 6 Sabpolo Wormer Hooks with strips of mackerel as bait. The rod I was using was the Yuki Orata 5m. From the off we were all getting bites and landing scad and the odd mackerel. This lasted for about an hour into darkness and once they had stopped we changed tactics to target undulate rays and bass.  The rod of choice was the new Tronixpro Cobra GT rod designed by Callum. The rig was a pulley dropper using Tronixpro components while the bait that we selected was whole squid, fresh mackerel and bluey wraps.
After about an hour the tide started to run slightly. This is the perfect time for rays as they like to use the tides to swim around so as soon as this happened the rods started moving with good bites and a slack line. I lifted the rod and pulled in a decent fish of good weight as the Cobra handles with ease with a good solid back bone to the blank. I knew this was going to be a ray as it was a dead weight until about 15 – 20 yards out. In the shallow water the fish started thumping and swimming up beach finally onto the shoreline where a massive 13lb 13oz undulate ray sat. My new personal best!  A quick photo and then the ray was returned to the sea.

Once the undulate was returned I cast again around 50 yards out and placed the Cobra into the rod rest. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the rod was ripped from of the rest. At first I thought it might have been a monster of an undulate ray but this was thumping and going up and down in the tide way too much for a slow moving ray. I managed to get it into the shore line when I saw a bar of silver in the surf: a bass. I waded out to get behind and land it. It was huge, the biggest I’ve ever caught weighing in at 7lb 11oz. Another new personal best! This was caught on a whole squid. Two pb’s in one night, you don’t get that very often! Let’s just say I was one happy lad. I couldn’t have done it without the quality fishing tackle from Tronixpro.

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