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Tronixpro Xenon DV8 Spare Spools


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Key Features

  • Spare spools specifically designed for the Tronixpro DV8 Reel.
  • Three spools made from aluminium which are drilled for lightness.
  • One Teflon spool which is lightweight and cost effective.
  • A set of spools for anglers who need to carry a large range of different lines.

Where to buy

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Spare spools for the Tronixpro DV8 reel with four different capacities. Three spools (shallow, medium, and deep) are made from aluminium and are drilled so they are lightweight. A fourth spool is made from Teflon which offers a cheaper alternative to aluminium when you need multiple spools with a wide range of lines on them, Teflon is also ultra-lightweight.


TPXDVDTronixpro Xenon DV8 Spare Spools - Deep Spool£22.99
TPXDVMTronixpro Xenon DV8 Spare Spools - Medium Spool£19.99
TPXDVSTronixpro Xenon DV8 Spare Spools - Shallow Spool£19.99
TPXDVTTronixpro Xenon DV8 Spare Spools - Teflon Spool£9.99



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