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Tronixpro Winder Boxxx


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– Will fit the inside of the Beach and Big Beach Seat Box when placed sideways.
– Store rigs in a convenient, easy-to-grab location above your other tackle.
– Customisable internal dividers to configure the box to your needs.
– It can store rig winders, spare spools, tools, accessories, and other items.

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A box dedicated to storing your loaded Tronixpro Rig Winders. When placed sideways, the box will fit inside both the Tronix Beach and Big Beach Seat Boxes; it will sit on the inner ridge above your other tackle. This provides a convenient, easy-access storage location for all your rigs. The Rig Winder Boxxx has moveable internal dividers, allowing you to customise the internal compartments. Most anglers use them to store Rig Winders, but the internal partitions can be adjusted to hold other items, such as spare reel spools, boxes and accessories.



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