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Tronixpro Wave Pirk


Key Features

  • Unique swivel wire connection that gives the lure a different leverage point for a more pronounced action
  • A curved profile gives the lure an erratic action when jigged
  • A holographic/chrome finish flashes when moved through the water column
  • Available in a series of weights to suit the tide and fishing conditions
  • Great for pollack, coalfish, cod and bass.

Where to buy

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A deadly lure from the shore or boat, this lure features a unique swivel wire connection that runs through the top part of the jig to a hole that is drilled through the main body of the lure. This produces a different leverage point on the lure so when it is jigged, it imparts a more pronounced action. The action is further enhanced by the curved profile which gives this lure a unique and erratic movement that is irresistible to predatory fish. To add extra attractiveness, the lure has a holographic and chrome finish that flashes when moved through the water column. Outstanding for all manner of species including pollack, coalfish, cod and bass.


TMWAP20Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 20g£4.39
TMWAP30Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 30g£4.94
TMWAP40Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 40g£5.49
TMWAP50Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 50g£6.04
TMWAP65Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 65g£6.04
TMWAP90Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 90g£7.14
TMWAP120Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 120g£7.91
TMWAP150Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 150g£8.57
TMWAP200Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 200g£10.77
TMWAP300Tronixpro Wave Pirk - 300g£14.29

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