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Tronixpro Safety Snap Swivel


Key Features

  • Often known as the American Snap, it has a multitude of uses in sea fishing.
  • Perfect for attaching weights and rigs when boat fishing.
  • Good for attaching hook lengths for easy replacement and for attaching lures quickly.
  • Not recommended for power casting.

Where to buy

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Based around our strong rolling swivel, the safety snap is often known as the American snap swivel. It has a multitude of uses in fishing. Ideal for boat fishing when attaching rigs and weights and in lure fishing for attaching lures and hook lengths for easy replacement. The American Snap is not as strong as its Coastlock and Interlocking cousins and is not recommended for use when power casting.


SKUThumbnail Description Price
T0156 Tronixpro Safety Snap Swivel - size-6-7kg-15lb Size 6 | 7kg | 15lb £1.99
T0154 Tronixpro Safety Snap Swivel - size-4-9kg-20lb Size 4 | 9kg | 20lb £1.99
T0152 Tronixpro Safety Snap Swivel - size-2-13kg-29lb Size 2 | 13kg | 29lb £1.99
T0151 Tronixpro Safety Snap Swivel - size-1-15kg-33lb Size 1 | 15kg | 33lb £1.99
T01510 Tronixpro Safety Snap Swivel - size-1-0-15kg-33lb Size 1/0 | 15kg | 33lb £1.99

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Size 1 | 15kg | 33lb, Size 1/0 | 15kg | 33lb, Size 2 | 13kg | 29lb, Size 4 | 9kg | 20lb, Size 6 | 7kg | 15lb