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Tronixpro Rod Wraps


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Key Features

  • Simple product that allows the angler to strap rod sections together securely when on the move
  • Wraps are made from a rubberised, elasticated material so they can be wound round rods tightly
  • One strap side is rubberised texture, the other is soft and felt like
  • One wide strap is designed for the butt of the rod with the narrow strap features a slot for placing a rod guide to securely tighten the tip of the rod
  • Comes with 1 narrow and 1 wide strap.

Where to buy

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A simple but effective product that makes sure rod sections are strapped securely together when on the move. Each wrap is made from a rubberised material that is elasticated so that they can be wrapped tight around any set of rods. One side of the strap is a grippy, rubberised texture to grip to the rod blanks, the other is a softer, felt like texture. The set comes with two straps, a wider strap that is designed for the lower part of each rod section. A narrower, strap features a slot in one end, this is for the tip section of the rod, with the slot sliding over any of the intermediate tip rings for a secure fit. They are available in both red and black and are the perfect solution to keeping rod sections together when travelling.


TPRWBTronixpro Rod Wraps - Black£6.99
TPRWRTronixpro Rod Wraps - Red£6.99



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