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Tronixpro Pulley Beads


Key Features

  • Designed specifically for building pulley rigs for sea fishing.
  • Unlike using a traditional rolling swivel, the Pulley Rig bead is encased in plastic, spreading the weight across a larger surface of line, eliminating line damage.
  • Can also be used for Portland style rigs and as a short boom for one up / two down style boat rigs.

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Traditionally pulley rigs were made by using a standard swivel, this method was prone to breakages as the full force of the cast was placed on a very small area of line, constant casting could weaken the rig body making the rig break during the cast or when playing a big fish. By incorporating one of our strong rolling swivels into a plastic housing, the Tronixpro Pulley Bead spreads the load of a cast across a wider surface area. This eliminates damaging the rig body, producing a stronger, safer rig. Although designed for pulley rigs, it can be used for Portland style rigs and as a short boom when making one up / two down style boat rigs.

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43kg | 95lb

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Breaking Strain

43kg, 95lb

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Swivels Links Clips

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