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Tronixpro Luminous Tubing


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Key Features

  • A versatile product that can be used for a number of different applications when making rigs
  • Can create small booms for snoods on paternoster rigs
  • Used as pennel tubing when making two hook pennel arrangements
  • Good for protecting knots and for adding to and above hooks for extra attraction.

Where to buy

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A versatile product that has many applications in sea fishing rigs. Its semi-rigid properties make it ideal for creating small booms for snoods on paternoster rigs. It is a good component for pennel tubing when making two hook pennel rigs. A flexible material means it can be slid over knots and components to act as a knot protector with added attraction. Another good use is for a section of tubing to be added to hooks, with longer sections sliding on snood lines and in between beads for to increased attraction levels.


TPLT10Tronixpro Luminous Tubing - Luminous | 1.0mm | 1m£1.99
TPLT15Tronixpro Luminous Tubing - Luminous | 1.5mm | 1m£1.99
TPLT20Tronixpro Luminous Tubing - Luminous | 2.0mm | 1m£1.99
TPPT10Tronixpro Luminous Tubing - Luminous Pink | 1.0mm | 1m£1.99
TPPT15Tronixpro Luminous Tubing - Luminous Pink | 1.5mm | 1m£1.99
TPPT20Tronixpro Luminous Tubing - Luminous Pink | 2.0mm | 1m£1.99



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