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Tronixpro Lead Lifts


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Key Features

  • An ideal way for lifting tackle away from snags when retrieved
  • Works like a plane wing, as the tackle is retrieved it lifts it up and away from the sea bed
  • Reduces the amount of snagging in rough ground. Reducing tackle and fish loss
  • For best results, it should be fitted above the sinker.

Where to buy

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An ideal way for lifting rigs away from snags when the angler retrieves their gear. Working much like an aeroplane wing, as the angler starts to wind in, the speed generated causes the lead lift to rise and force the lead to be retrieved away from the sea bed, minimising the potential for snagging when bringing gear back to shore. For best results, the lead lift should be fitted above the sinker. The lead lift includes a Tronixpro Oval Split ring for easy attachments of weights. Using a lead lift will result in reducing lost tackle and fish.



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