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Tronixpro Guerilla Sabotage


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Key Features

  • TUBULAR TIP: Ensures effortless long distance casting.
  • CONTINENTAL VALUE: A well-priced three-piece continental rod that packs a punch at a price everybody can afford. Ideally suited to fishing clean to mixed ground when targeting species such as dogfish, bass, flatfish, and other inshore species.
  • MATERIALS: Made from lightweight carbon and fitted with KW SiC guides and a DPS reel seat with cushioned hood. Reflective white tip for bite indication at night. Metal collars on butt and mid-section for strength.
  • ERGONOMIC: An ergonomic grip is fitted for comfort when casting and matt sections on the butt and mid-section for easy take apart.

Where to buy

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A general, all-round three-piece continental style shore fishing rod designed for clean to mixed beach fishing. This is the ideal rod to go for when targeting dogfish, bass, flatfish, and other inshore species. A progressive blank with a tubular tip ensures effortless long distance casting. The rod is constructed from a lightweight carbon and comes fitted with quality Gunsmoke SiC KW guides, an ergonomic butt grip and a DPS reel seat with cushioned hook. The butt section is a stealthy grey colour which blends into a black mid and tip section finished off a reflective section for easier bite indication at night. The butt and mid-section are finished with metal collars for strength and the two tip sections have a matt section near both ferules for easy take apart with wet and cold hands.


TRGSA42Tronixpro Guerilla Sabotage - 4.2m | 100-200g£74.99
TRGSA45Tronixpro Guerilla Sabotage - 4.5m | 100-200g£74.99



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