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Tronixpro Evo3Pod Rig Making Jig


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The Righ Making Jig comes complete with:

– Extendable telescopic aluminum body from 120 to 320 cm.
– 2 Feet equipped with comb holder bridge or guide
– 2 Comb or guide holder bridges with reductions for intermediate extendable elements
– 2 Comb or guide holder bridges with reductions for external extendable elements
– 6 Combs
– 3 Gluing guides
– 2 Control Grips
– 20 X-Trace Stainless Steel Rig Holder Clips

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If you’re a serious rig maker, this Rig Making Jig will make life much easier! It is designed for anglers who want to make a lot of rigs at once with accurate dimensions. The Rig Making Jig is highly customisable, allowing you to work on rigs large and small, from rig body lengths of 120cm up to 320cm.

The Rig Making Jig can make up to ten rigs at any one time. At each end, the jig heads have inbuilt stainless steel clips that ensure the right tension is placed on the rigs. These sprung clips allow you to keep rigs of different lengths (up to 10cm difference) under the correct tension.

Comb Holder Bridges hold the combs; the combs are interchangeable on the Comb Holder. This allows you to slot your finished rigs into the combs on either end and lift the rigs out of the Comb Holder to place new combs for constructing the next batch.

Three Glue Guides are included. These can be slid on the Rig Making Jig to the exact points you want to place snoods on your rig bodies. This ensures that all rigs are tied with pinpoint accuracy. They can be used for either Glue Rigs or standard crimping.

The Rig Making Jig is easy to assemble. It requires no screws and can be fixed in place with the inbuilt thumb screws on each part.

The Rig Making Jig is handcrafted in Italy by Evo3Pod and is a sound, long-term investment for any angler who ties a large number of rigs or wants to be super accurate with their trace building.



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