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Tronixpro Crimps Max Packs


Key Features

  • Made from soft brass so they are easier to crimp, requiring less force and reducing the chance of line damage
  • Ideal for making paternoster fishing rigs
  • Perfect for anglers who tie up large amounts of rigs.

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Our crimps are made from soft brass, which makes them easier to crimp, with less force being exerted on the line the chances of line damage, often associated with crimping, is reduced. Allowing the angler to crimp away without worrying about any weaknesses in your rig body with a gentle squeeze with long nosed pliers. They’re ideal for making paternoster rigs for trapping beads and swivels at points on the rig body.

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5mm 0.8 x 5mm

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5mm 0.8 x 5mm

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Max Packs

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