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Tronixpro Cool Bag, Large


Key Features

  • Designed for long sessions, where the angler may need to take additional bait as well as food and drink items
  • Made from 600D material which is tough and hardwearing, the bag is foil lined inside to ensure items stay cool
  • A good size to store boxes of squid and fresh bait in trays as well as bait tubs
  • A double zip runs around three sides of the bag, so that it can be opened fully. A strong, reinforced stitched in carry handle can lift a large amount of weight
  • Ideal to carry fish home from the end of a session in prime condition.

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Designed for longer sessions when the angler may have to take additional bait as well as food items and drinks. The bag is made from 600D material and is padded throughout. Inside, all sides are foil lined to maintain temperature to keep bait fresh and cool. This large capacity bag is ideal for storing bigger frozen bait items such as boxes of squid, fresh bait in trays and bait tubs and plenty of ice packs to keep it all cool. It features a two-way zip which covers three sides of the bag so the lid can be full opened. Strong, fabric, reinforced stitched in carry handles have been designed to carry a large amount of weight, so the bag can be fully loaded without worrying about it breaking. A great bag for carrying fish home after a session in prime condition too.

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