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Tronixpro Boat Net | 1.2m


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– Fit for purpose boat net with a strong aluminium handle and net frame measuring 70cm by 60cm.
– Retractable handle that is easy to deploy and retract when not in use, ideal for small boat anglers.
– Knotless, rubberised mesh for fish safety and care.
– Lanyard to keep the net secure.

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We’ve teamed up with a leading UK charter skipper to put together a practical net for boat anglers. No more struggling with nets that are simply not fit for purpose. The net is built around a strong aluminium handle and net frame which measures 70cm by 60cm. The handle is retractable, this unclips from a strong housing to compact the overall length of the net and easily clips back into place when not in use. This is ideal for small boat anglers who don’t have the room to store a long-handled net, but still want that versatility. The net is made from a knotless, rubberised mesh for fish safety and care. A lanyard on the handle keeps it secure to your hand when leaning over further to net fish.



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