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HTO Rockfish RevolutionHTO Rockfish Revolution

HTO Rockfish Revolution


The next step up from our entry level Rockfish rods, the Revolution features advanced actions with black Fuji K spinning Alconite guides and the HTO reel seat. Great rods for the progressive LRF and HRF angler.

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As with our entry level Rockfish rods our Revolutions have been upgrade for 2016 with new black Fuji K spinning alconite guides, our own HTO reel seat and new, slick black styling.

Revolution Ultralight – A great all round rod for the intermediate and experienced light game angler. Suitable for fishing a range of light game lures in a variety of different conditions and locations.

Revolution Light – For the light game angler looking to tackle larger fish or in more challenging conditions. With a casting range from 3 to 12g you can cast larger and heavier lures with this rod giving you not only the range and scope to target bigger fish but the power to bully them away from structures and snags.

Revolution ML – Designed for anglers who want to take their rockfishing up a level to HRF fishing. The lower blank section is powerful allowing you to land ballan wrasse, pollack and bass with ease. The solid tip provides outstanding bite detection. A great rod for working soft plastics but can be used with hard and metal lures too.

Revolution T UL – An all round lightgame rod at 7ft 6in this is a great choice for a range of locations. Its tubular tip gives the angler excellent feedback for checking out terrain and for feeling bites. Tubular tips are ideal for fishing vibes, plugs and jigs as well as small paddletails.

Revolution T ML – A new addition for 2016 with big ballan wrasse in mind. Ideal for fishing carolina, texas and other popular methods for targeting wrasse. The tubular tip aids in detecting the sea bed, bite detection as well for enhanced lure action and setting the hook in powerful fighting fish. This rod has bags of power to deal with larger fish.


SKUThumbnail Description Price
RREVUL HTO Rockfish Revolution - UL - 7'3 UL - 7'3" - 1-8g £81.99
RREVTUL HTO Rockfish Revolution - T UL - 7'6 T UL - 7'6" - 0.6-7g £65.99
RREVLL HTO Rockfish Revolution - L - 7'6 L - 7'6" - 3-12g £82.99
RREVTML HTO Rockfish Revolution - T ML - 7'8 T ML - 7'8" - 5-21g £78.99
RREVML HTO Rockfish Revolution - ML - 7'10 ML - 7'10" - 7-28g £91.99

Additional information

Dimensions 200 cm

UL – 7'3" – 1-8g, T UL – 7'6" – 0.6-7g, L – 7'6" – 3-12g, T ML – 7'8" – 5-21g, ML – 7'10" – 7-28g


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