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– Well priced, modern, lightweight, fast action blank for long, accurate casting.
– All-round lure rods designed for working all types of lure.
– Four models to cover every eventuality.
– Stunning looks, K Style Guides and HTO VSS Reel Seat.

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An entry-level range of lure fishing rods, that have modern, fast actions designed to get the most out of all types of lures. The four rods in the range cover the use of lures from 6 to 38g. These rods will cast to good distances, accurately. Their fast action also helps to work lures with little effort. Although designed for bass lure fishing, they can be used for targeting pollack, wrasse, pike, zander, and perch. All models come with K Style Guides and an HTO VSS Reel Seat.


HRHO88MHTO Hooligan Rods - 2.64m | 8'8" | 6-32g | 0.8-1.5 PE, HTO£49.99
HRHO9MHTO Hooligan Rods - 2.7m | 9'0" | 7-35g | 0.8-1.5 PE, HTO£49.99
HRHO9M4HTO Hooligan Rods - 2.7m | 9'0" | 7-35g | 0.8-1.5 PE, HTO£59.99
HRHO94MHTO Hooligan Rods - 2.85m | 9'4" | 8-38g | 0.8-1.5 PE, HTO£49.99



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