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HTO Area Spoon


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– Micro spoon that trout and perch find irresistible.
– Lively action that spins and flutters.
– Can be fished effectively in lakes and small, slow rivers.
– Fitted with an HTO Inline Single hook.

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Fishing with micro spoons has become more and more popular, especially for trout, as more trout fisheries have allowed it. Trout and perch find micro spoons irresistible, and this Area Spoon has been designed to have a lively action that they find impossible to ignore! The spoon fishes best with a linear retrieve, which will produce a spinning, fluttering action. These spoons are effective in lakes and in small, slow-moving rivers. The lure is fitted with an HTO Inline Single hook.


HMAS27SHTO Area Spoon - 2.7g | Sunrise, HTO£2.99
HMAS27RHTO Area Spoon - 2.7g | Rusty, HTO£2.99
HMAS27BHTO Area Spoon - 2.7g | Baitfish, HTO£2.99
HMAS27FHTO Area Spoon - 2.7g | Fire, HTO£2.99
HMAS33SHTO Area Spoon - 3.3g | Sunrise, HTO£2.99
HMAS33RHTO Area Spoon - 3.3g | Rusty, HTO£2.99
HMAS33BHTO Area Spoon - 3.3g | Baitfish, HTO£2.99
HMAS33FHTO Area Spoon - 3.3g | Fire, HTO£2.99
HMAS52SHTO Area Spoon - 5.2g | Sunrise, HTO£2.99
HMAS52RHTO Area Spoon - 5.2g | Rusty, HTO£2.99
HMAS52BHTO Area Spoon - 5.2g | Baitfish, HTO£2.99
HMAS52FHTO Area Spoon - 5.2g | Fire, HTO£2.99



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