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AXIA Quick Fasten Boots


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Key Features

  • Fleece lined, warm boot for cold weather.
  • Ankle support for trekking over uneven ground.
  • Fast self-fastening allows you to get the boot on quickly.
  • Maximum adjustment for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Waterproof, ideal for boat and roving anglers.

Where to buy

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Keep your feet warm with these fleece lined, warm and easy to put on boots. A grippy, hardwearing sole secures your feet while good ankle support helps when trekking over uneven terrain. The boot is toasty warm for fishing in the coldest of months and is fully fleece lined throughout. The self-fastening hook and loop system makes the boot easier and quicker to get on and allows the utmost in adjustment. This adjustment allows you to tighten the boot around your lower leg to secure it and to keep heat in. The boot has a waterproof lower and a water resistant upper, ideal for boat and roving anglers.


ACVB39AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 39 | UK 6£49.99
ACVB40AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 40 | UK 7£49.99
ACVB41AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 41 | UK 7.5£49.99
ACVB42AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 42 | UK 8£49.99
ACVB43AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 43 | UK 9£49.99
ACVB44AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 44 | UK 10£49.99
ACVB45AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 45 | UK 10.5£49.99
ACVB46AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 46 | UK 11£49.99
ACVB47AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 47 | UK 12£49.99
ACVB48AXIA Quick Fasten Boots - EUR 48 | UK 13£49.99



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