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AXIA Mullet Rig


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– Takes baited spinning for mullet to the next level.
– Built around the AXIA Flare spinner to draw in inquisitive mullet.
– Fluorocarbon line for stealth and strength.
– Two hooks version, ensuring the bait is secure when retrieving.

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For years, baited spinners have been a tried and tested tactic for mullet anglers. Our AXIA Mullet Rigs take that concept to another level. An AXIA Flare spinner is at its heart, which draws in inquisitive mullet. Attached to this is 15cm of AXIA Fluorocarbon. At the rig's base is a size 6 Tronixpro Fine Surf hook. We've included a size 6 Tronixpro Kairyo Han hook on the line itself, secured with a tight silicone tube. This second hook allows you to nick the bait at the top, this prevents it from sliding down the rig on the retrieve. The silicone tube allows you to move the hook up and down the line depending on your bait size.


ARMSP3AXIA Mullet Rig - Size 3, AXIA£3.99
ARMSP4AXIA Mullet Rig - Size 4, AXIA£3.99



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