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AXIA Loaded Swivel Pike Float Kit, 30g


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Key Features

  • Everything you need to start pike and predator fishing on the float with dead or live baits.
  • Includes AXIA Loaded Swivel Pike Float, weights, swivels, rubber beads, AXIA semi-barbless treble hooks, float stops and bait flags.
  • 1 Per Pack

Where to buy

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Everything you need to fish with dead baits for pike and other predatory species. Comes complete with an AXIA Loaded Swivel Pike Float, these floats are designed for fishing dead baits on the bottom, fishing over depth. Their long shape makes them very sensitive allowing you to see fish indications with ease. When set correctly these floats will rise out of the water as a fish takes the bait and lifts it off the bottom. The kit includes AXIA semi-barbless treble hooks mounted on a seven strand write trace as well as rubber float stops to accurately position the float. Comes with bait flags to hold baits onto the treble hooks.



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