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AXIA Hanging w/Clip, Size 4


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Key Features

  • A strong casting snap with a hook clip.
  • Designed for power casting from the shore with big weights and baits.
  • Can be used in most beach fishing rigs as a lead clip, the looped over wire acts as a bait clip.
  • Can be used in any rig that needs the hook to be secured close to the lead.
  • Size 4, 10pc per pack.

Where to buy

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Built around the hanging snap, this version features a looped over wire that can act as a bait clip. When used as the lead clip on a rig it can be used for all manner of rigs that require the hook to be secured close to the lead. Examples include up and over rigs, pulley rigs and standard one, two and three hook rigs. Used upside down, they can be used for hooking the lead on when using a weak link setup when fishing over rough and snaggy ground.



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