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AXIA Fixed Spool Reel with Line


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Key Features

  • A range of fixed spool reels that comes pre-loaded with Axia 15lb monofilament line, ready to fish out of the box.
  • Perfect reels for occasional and beginner anglers.
  • Made from graphite which is corrosion resistant and built with a powerful drag.
  • Designed for fishing clean beaches and off structures such as piers and breakwaters.

Where to buy

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A range of reels which come in three sizes and are already spooled with our own 15lb Axia monofilament line, so they are ready to fish with out of the box. They come in the most popular sizes designed to suit a wide range of fishing situations from spinning to beach and pier fishing. These are the perfect reels for occasional anglers or beginners to begin their sea fishing career. They pair up well with our Axia range of Beach and Pier rods and will match up well with any rods from 9ft through to 12ft. Each reel is made from graphite, which is corrosion resistant and a powerful drag designed to put the brakes on fast running fish.


TPXRE50AXIA Fixed Spool Reel with Line - 5000 | 1 Per Pack£21.99
TPXRE60AXIA Fixed Spool Reel with Line - 6000 | 1 Per Pack£23.99
TPXRE70AXIA Fixed Spool Reel with Line - 7000 | 1 Per Pack£29.99



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