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AXIA Aberdeen Hooks


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Key Features

  • A classic long shank hook pattern made from heavy gauge, steel making it ultra-strong, a fantastic all-round hook for fish large and small.
  • Features a micro barb and a neat, compact eye, coupled with a long shank this is the ideal hook for worm baits.
  • An all-round hook pattern that is excellent for cod, bass and rays in large sizes and smaller species such as flounder and whiting in its smaller sizes.
  • Longer shank and small barb make this pattern easier for removing hooks with minimal damage.

Where to buy

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A classic hook pattern that has been part and parcel of sea angling for as long as anybody can remember. A long shank hook made from heavy gauge, steel wire. It features a micro barb and a neat eye, coupled with its long shank it makes an ideal hook for worm baits. Suited to fishing for all manner of species it is a fantastic hook for cod, bass and rays in its larger versions and smaller fish such as flounder and whiting in the smaller sizes. The heavy gauge wire makes this a classic, all round pattern that gives species hunters the confidence to land big fish on smaller hooks. The longer shank and small barb make Aberdeen patterns easier for removing hooks from fish with minimal damage.


AAH4AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 4 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH2AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 2 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH1AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 1 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH1/0AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 1/0 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH2/0AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 2/0 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH3/0AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 3/0 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH4/0AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 4/0 | 10 Per Pack£1.49
AAH5/0AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 5/0 | 8 Per Pack£1.49
AAH6/0AXIA Aberdeen Hooks - Size 6/0 | 8 Per Pack£1.49



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