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Norwegian Plaice Fishing Adventure

This month Super Mario's Adventures heads to Norway with the Tronixpro Naga MX rod to experience some exceptional plaice fishing.

Recently I spent a week fishing out in Norway. The plan was to fish for halibut and cod from the shore and also see what other species I could get on different gear. I’d chosen to take the new Tronixpro Naga MX rod with me for casting out larger baits for the halibut and cod. For some fun I’d also packed a Hart Bloody Shore Power Evo, this would allow me to cast big lures to distance. Also, my trusty HTO Lure Game for the lighter stuff. As well as a full range of Tronixpro terminal tackle I packed a selection of HTO Artic Eels which would be used to target cod and coalfish on lures.

Unfortunately, the cod and halibut didn’t turn up like I’d originally hoped. Numbers were thin on the ground, but what the cod and halibut fishing lacked, the plaice fishing more than made up for. Over the course of the week I landed some seriously good plaice both in quantity and in size. With plaice up to 5lbs coming ashore. In between fishing for the plaice I had plenty of dabs and coalfish but nothing of any real size (by Norwegian standards).

Throughout the trip I was consistently impressed with the Tronixpro Naga MX rod. The sensitive tip is delicate enough to detect bites at distance from the plaice, whilst it had the power to launch the bigger cod and halibut baits to distance. This versatility was great during the trip as it meant I had the one rod to do everything and I could change styles quickly. It’s also a joy to cast whatever style you use or distance you want to achieve.

For closer in work I was using the Hart Bloody Shore Power Evo which was ideal for flicking out baits to short distances as well as casting bigger lures when required. Several plaice were caught on the rod to 3lbs. Lastly, once again the HTO Lure Game coupled with the Artic Eel did the business for the coalfish. I lost count of how many coalfish I caught during the week, nothing big, but plenty of numbers.

All in all, despite the cod and halibut not playing ball, it was an awesome week of fishing that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Until next time, tight lines – Mario.

About the author

Mario Asprou

Mario started fishing when he was just 4 years old and the sport has always been a true passion of his. One of his most memorable catches has been an 8lb bass caught with live bait whilst fishing on a local beach. Another was a 105lb blue shark when fishing on board White Water out of Milford Haven. Recently Mario broke the British Shore Caught tope record with an amazing fish of 82lb 10z!



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