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Martin Collison Joins TronixFishing Prostaff

The kayak fishing scene has exploded in recent times and the trend looks set to continue, Tronixpro is committed to supporting the growth of the sport in the UK and for that reason we need to work with the best kayak anglers on the scene.

Last year we added Mark Radcliffe to our team of Prostaff and since then Mark has provided us with many great blog posts and Facebook page reports. Mark is also sponsored by Jackson Kayaks. For 2015, Mark will have company over at Jackson in the form of Martin Collison, so it seemed natural progression for us to keep the team together and so we are pleased to announce the addition of Martin to “Team Tronixpro” Between the two of them, not many competition podiums are seen without one of them on it, if not both!


Martin told us:

“I’ve been fishing coarse and salt for nearly 25 years since the age of 6 due to my father being a keen angler. I started kayak fishing in 2009 after spending many years as a coarse match angler and specimen angler and also a keen beach angler but as soon as I hopped into the kayak this opened so many opportunities for me be it fresh or salt water.

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I travel all over the UK for competitions and meets, the social at events and meets is superb and I’ve made so many new friends and learnt a lot from fellow anglers. I don’t mind what I catch be it big or small as it’s all part of the fun and I love targeting selected species as I enjoy a mixed variety of species be it fresh to salt. I love fishing light on the kayak and getting the right presentation on baits and lures. In 2014 I was lucky enough to win two major competitions and come second in two, with a few other placing’s.

Oxwich 2

SWKA Oxwich competition I came second out of 141 kayak anglers and I have also been 3rd and 4th in previous years. Scarborough I came 1st. I’ve had a few placing’s on the kayak circuit over the past few years and last year saw me as one of the most successful tournament kayak anglers of 2014. I have also joined Jackson Kayak fishing team for 2015 which has open up some great opportunity’s and fishing trips in Europe. I’ve been using Tronixpro Tackle for the past couple of years with great success.

I am so delighted to be becoming a member of their Pro Staff. Tronixpro have a vast selection of rods, reels and terminal tackle that will be perfect for use from the kayak and I can’t wait to get started working my way through it and reporting back on my catches and experiences.”

Thanks Martin, we look forward to working with you and look forward to seeing some of your reports!

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