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Mark Radcliffe Joins the TronixFishing Prostaff

Kayak Angler Mark Radcliffe joins the TronixFishing Prostaff Team.

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached an wikitrader review scam agreement to add Mark Radcliffe, one of the UK's most prolific Kayak anglers to our team of pro staff.

Read below to learn more about Mark and his achievements to date:

Mark Radcliffe – an introduction.

“I have been fishing, both coarse and sea for the last thirty years but my direction changed six years ago.

My dad has been a lifelong boat owner. One evening, over beers, he suggested buying kayaks to fish the Humber Estuary. Initially I thought it was the most stupid idea I had ever heard, but he was insistent and a month later I was the proud owner of a fully kitted out fishing kayak. I didn’t want to be the owner of a fully kitted out kayak but thought that if he was venturing out on one, the least I could do was to join him and try to stop him killing himself. Little did I know it was going to be the single best purchase I had ever made. That first summer morning when we ventured out and drifted incredibly light tackle over the sandbanks for bass, I was hooked and I haven’t looked back since.


In the last six years I have become more and more involved in the sport attending every meet I can and competing wherever possible. Last year of the five major tournaments held nationally I was lucky enough to win three: The O.K. Classic in Swanage, The SWKA Open in Oxwich which I had also won the previous year and the Flamborough Competition held in Yorkshire. Following this I was selected to join the Jackson Kayaks Pro Staff which has opened up opportunities for me to fish around the world.


When on the kayak I don’t mind what I am catching, be it large or small. My best fish so far was an 18lb 4oz Cod from Blue Anchor Bay caught last December. I have also had Conger to 20lb, many double figure Thornbacks, Undulates and Smooth Hounds. However I also love catching small wrasse, gobies and blennies on the appropriate gear. Species hunting has become a passion, last year I had 34 salt water species from the yak and this year I have a personal target of 40. So far I have hit 27 so there is still some way to go.


It is always good to have targets each season when fishing and along with the species hunting I enjoy competing in the various tournaments. Last year was a fantastic year which would be hard to repeat. However in this year’s O.K. Classic which has just taken place I managed second in a field of over 100 anglers so the year is off to a great start. The other target for this year is a decent Tope from the yak. This will involve trips to Wales through the summer so hopefully the weather plays ball.


Kayak fishing gives access to water unavailable from the shore and ignored by boats. It allows you to have a very direct connection with your quarry, you can fish incredibly light tackle and get fantastic presentation of bait and lures which you just couldn’t do from the shore. I have used some of the HTO Rockfish rods and LRF gear for many years so I am delighted to be becoming a member of their Pro Staff. TronixFishing have a vast selection of rods, reels and terminal tackle that will be perfect for use from the kayak and I can’t wait to get started working my way through it and reporting back on my catches and experiences.”

TronixFishing is absolutely delighted to welcome Mark to the team and we hope to work together in bringing more dedicated kayak tackle to the UK market.


About the author

George Cunningham

George has been a fanatical, passionate sea angler for most of his life, even with over 15 years working in the sea angling industry day in, day out has done nothing to make this passion wain, in fact, it has made him an even more dedicated and determined sea angler!



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