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Lee Goddard Joins TronixFishing Prostaff

Light Game angler Lee Goddard joins the TronixFishing Prostaff.

Lee lives in North Wales and is focused on Light Rock Fishing as his main discipline, North Wales hosts a number of exciting marks and we look forward to seeing more of what he can do with our products there.


Here's a few words from the man himself:

“I have been fishing on and off since I was a child, first learning coarse fishing in my home county, Suffolk where I also enjoyed lure fishing for Pike. I am interested and enjoy many angling disciplines, but for me, Light Rock Fishing has a special appeal. Light Rock Fishing or light game has taken up a great deal of my attention in the last three years or so. For me, Rockfishing in the UK encapsulates a different angling ethos. For starters, everything is seen as a viable target, there is no respect to size or species; every fish is seen as “game”. Rockfishing is also appealing as it incorporates and borrows from other types of lure fishing, be it jigging, largemouth Bass tactics, trout tactics etc. and employs those tactics in the saltwater environment. Each tactic can also be employed to either target a specific specie or a variety of species. It’s all about refining technique and tackle, using finesse and presenting something new and appealing to your quarry. Rockfishing is also extremely good fun, exciting and accessible, anyone can get involved regardless of age or experience. I feel that Tronix pro has adopted this ethos wholeheartedly and is working hard to up the Rockfish Revolution in the UK, bringing a whole range of exciting and affordable products to this growing sector of the sport.

You can check out some of Lee's previous exploits on his own blog here…



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George has been a fanatical, passionate sea angler for most of his life, even with over 15 years working in the sea angling industry day in, day out has done nothing to make this passion wain, in fact, it has made him an even more dedicated and determined sea angler!



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