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Callum Graham and Charlie Tudball Introduce Baitex

Callum Graham and Charlie Tudball introduce the new Tronixpro Baitex Bait Wrapping Latex.

Baitex is a premium quality bait wrapping material that comes in its own protective canister. The latex material is super stretchy, soft and strong. It comes on 300m spools but due to the super stretchy nature of the material it's incredibly long lasting.

Baitex is available in fine for wrapping small, soft delicate baits. Medium for those bigger baits, subtle crab baits and sandeel. Heavy for when you need to wrap a big bait up for long distance casting.

The canister not only protects the latex material from bait juices but from the elements too, making sure your Baitex stays in quality condition all the time.

Available separately is the Baitex Bracket that allows you to attach the Baitex canister to any surface from your box, bait tray to your rod rest.

For more information and to find your nearest stockist please click here.


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