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Pete Cook

Discipline: Boat and Shore Lure

Pete Cook grew up living by the sea and from a very young age, he always had huge enthusiasm for rock pooling and wading around trying to find basically anything which moved.

This naturally progressed into fishing the local rife for eels and small flounders with any bits of tackle he could get his hands on, sometimes just a handline but by this time, his enthusiasm for fishing would lead to his Mum and grandparents being bombarded with tackle requests for birthdays and Christmas.

Pete first started lure fishing when he was 12 down at the local canal, catching pike and perch with his trusty Abu high low in fluro orange, how he managed to keep hold of that lure for 2 seasons was beyond him as his casting back then was shocking, but in those days, far less finesse was used so pulling for a break would mean reeling in half a tree from time to time.

Moving on from this, Pete was fortunate to be taken under the careful guidance of a top Charter skipper in Littlehampton called Mike Pratt who owned the vessel “Blue Badger”.

Being from a single parent family, Pete’s Mum did her best but she had no clue about fishing so Mike took him under his wing and filled his head with so much info and enthusiasm he was blown away. Pete went on to fish with Mike for the next 4 years solid sometimes 2/3 times a week (school was boring). Unfortunately it all came to an end when Mike suddenly passed away, so he was left to go alone and the rest as they say is history.

For the past 20+ years Pete has been an avid angler enjoying himself on the journey, having been lucky enough to catch some very large fish including bass to 14lb on soft plastics.

He owns his own boat “bassjunkies ll” and specialises in (inshore and offshore) jigging with either soft plastics or jigs, but also enjoys fishing topwaters around the inshore reef systems and from the shore along the sussex coast.

Pete’s biggest tip for anyone getting into Saltwater lure fishing is “no two days are the same and always be prepared for change”



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