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John Kasapoglou

Discipline: All-round lure angler

John started fishing when he was a little boy with his father, but, growing up another interest took hold of him, photography. It was ten years ago when John took up angling again seriously, fishing with lures grabbed his attention. Now, John fishes predominantly with lures, especially with LRF techniques. John uses a variety of lures from jigs and topwaters to soft lures, fishing for a variety of species including sea bass, horse mackerel and mahi mahi. He also loves fishing for squid on light gear.

All of this fishing enthusiasm drove him to create a blog (fishingingreek.blogspot.gr) where he shares his passion for saltwater lure fishing. Over the last couple of years, his acquaintance and friendship with George Fenerlis lead him to cooperate on lurebites.com, an e-magazine exclusively for lure angling.

John is now a member of the Akis Tiniakos Fishing Store Team, specialising in HTO Products.



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