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Joe Arch

Discipline: Beach Match Fishing / Surfcasting

Joe ArchJoe Arch is the World ranked number 1 and Wales ranked number 1 beach competition angler (basically, he knows his stuff when it comes to beach match fishing!).


Represented Wales at World level 18 times winning 2 individual medals, gold in England 1997 and silver in Montenegro 2009
Collected 8 team medals – 2 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze
Won the National Sea League 4 times with 2 different teams (3 with prime, 1 with South Wales match anglers)
2 times winner of the ISAC League
Winner of Irish Winter Beach 2007
Winner of Magrini Memorial (Sardinia) 2011
Winner of Yuki Masters 2014
3 times winner of Penn Sea League
Winner of Penn Sea Final 2007
Winner of SAMF Masters 2010
3 times winner of the North West Association Mersey 2 day competition

BRANDS: Tronixpro, VercelliYukiAsari

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