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Tronixpro offer a range of exclusive sea fishing reels designed for a range of sea fishing solutions.

The new Tronixpro Envoy Mag reel is fitted with a precision adjustable magnetic brake system, giving you full control of the cast when using the modern power casting techniques commonly employed by today’s beach anglers.

Also new to our range or sea fishing reels is the Tronixpro Envoy Orbit multiplier. This reel is designed for more competent shore anglers who find magnetic brakes unnecessary. The high spool speeds you can generate with this reel are controlled by 6 centrifugal brake blocks, which can be added or removed as conditions or your own skill level requires.

The Tronixpro Envoy LW is a great first multiplier reel or for those who feel more confident using a levelwind multiplier. The reel is perfect for most shore and boat fishing, as well as being a popular choice for salmon and pike trolling or spinning on bigger rivers.

Finally, the new Tronixpro Envoy Wave multiplier reel is perfect for the in-shore boat angler and especially for uptiding, but is also at home on some of those rough ground shore marks too.

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