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Yokozuna Twin Grub
Yokozuna Twin GrubYokozuna Twin GrubYokozuna Twin Grub

Yokozuna Twin Grub

Classic twin tailed grub shaped soft plastic lure that is deadly for all manner of predatory species.

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Product Description

The classic twin tailed grub shape that is deadly for all manner of species. Can be fished from the boat as a lure when coupled with a jig head. The twin tail adds more movement to the lure and gives it a great swimming action.

Quantity Colour Length
10 per pack 100mm
10 per pack 111 100mm
10 per pack 85 100mm
10 per pack 51 100mm
10 per pack 11 100mm
10 per pack1 100mm
10 per pack 11175mm
10 per pack 85 75mm
10 per pack 51 75mm
10 per pack 25 75mm
10 per pack 11 75mm
10 per pack1 75mm
Brands: .

Additional Information


10 per pack


1, 11, 25, 51, 85, 111


75mm, 100mm


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