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Yokozuna Flamingo

A compact lure with a realistic finish, great for casting with a perfect swimming action for luring predators.

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A compact minnow lure with a highly realistic finish. It is high density body provides weight for better casting. A perfect swimming action for a whole range of waters and species. The smaller sizes are sinking lures whilst the largest are all floating. The small lures sink slowly and can be fished at the desired depth for the intended prey. The largest lures float and when retrieved provide a nervous swimming action creating noise and a great silhouette for any large predator to hit.

Length Weight Colour
100mm 15.6g A02
100mm 15.6g L20
100mm 15.6g L36
100mm 15.6g QA4
100mm 15.6g L01
100mm 15.6g L19
120mm 23g L01
120mm 23g L09
120mm 23g L13
120mm 23g L15
120mm 23g L19
70mm 6g L01
70mm 6gA02
70mm 6g L20
70mm 6g L36
70mm 6g QA4
Brands: .

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100mm, 120mm, 70mm


15.6g, 23g, 6g


A02, L20, L36, QA4, L01, L19, L09, L13, L15


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