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Vercelli Spyra Scuderia


The Spyra series is the elite range within the Vercelli brand. Incredibly popular with UK anglers these are very special rods designed to high tolerances with competition in mind. These rods are suited to the serious pleasure angler or match angler who desire the very best rods available.

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SKU Length Sections Casting Diameter
DVSS4203_v 4.20m3100 to 200g19.1mm
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A very capable rod designed for casting baits long distances with accuracy. A fast recovery coupled with a powerful mid section makes this rod a casters dream. The hybrid tip gives the angler greater bite detection at distance. It is also lightweight and balanced with a slim butt diameter.

This rod features the Vercelli Hybrid Tip, a carbon tip section that is lighter than the rest of the rod blank construction. Perfect for detecting bites at range. The tip also features the Vercelli Phosphorus Tip, a glow in the dark tip for greater bite detection at night.


– Hi-Modulus Carbon

– FUJI LC Low Rider SIC guides

– Inverted stripper guide

– Ergonomic butt grip

– FUJI DPS screw-lock reel seat with cushioned hood

– Solid hybrid spliced-in tip

– Reinforced ferrules

– G-way system for quick assembly

– Vercelli rod bag

SKU Length Sections Casting Diameter
DVSS4203_v 4.20m3100 to 200g19.1mm


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100 to 200g




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