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Vercelli Enygma Maniac


A consistent performer for anglers across the UK, these rods have gained a cult like following for those who use them. These new 2016 models build on this performance to create even better rods at affordable prices. A unique touch to these rods is a phosphorescent tip, which glows in the dark allowing you see bites easier in the dead of night.

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SKU Diameter Casting Sections Length
DVEM4203_v 20.7mm100 to 200g34.20m
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This rod has a forgiving action that makes it not only easy to cast but also ensures that your baits arrive in perfect condition. The soft hybrid tip gives great bite detection at range. An ideal rod for fishing clean beaches for whiting, codling, flatfish and other beach dwelling species.

This rod features the Vercelli Hybrid Tip, great for enhancing bite detection and casting softer more fragile baits.

– Hi-Modulus Carbon
– FUJI LC Low Rider Alconite guides
– Inverted stripper guide
– Ergonomic asymmetrical grip
– FUJI DPS 22 screw-lock reel seat with cushioned hood
– Solid hybrid spliced-in tip
– Reinforced ferrules
– G-way system for quick assembly
– Vercelli rod bag

SKU Diameter Casting Sections Length
DVEM4203_v 20.7mm100 to 200g34.20m


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100 to 200g






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