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Tronixpro Wreckerz


Key Features

  • A classic, shad style lure that is proven in both saltwater and freshwater lure fishing
  • Just enough weight to be cast from the shore or boat to moderate distances with the right tackle
  • Paddle tail which produces a thumbing action, sending vibrations through the water
  • Can be fished on their own vertically from a boat or fished on a shad / hopper / flying collar rig
  • Proven to catch cod, pollack and bass in saltwater and pike and zander in freshwater.

Where to buy

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A proven, shad style lure that works in both fresh and saltwater fishing scenarios. From the shore they can be cast out from rock marks in search of pollack and from surf beaches and rough ground when looking for bass. The paddle tail moves with a thumping action when retrieved through the water, which gives off irresistible vibrations and visual attraction for any predatory species around. Fished from a boat, they are deadly for cod, pollack and bass either fished on their own during small tides and in shallower depths or fished on a shad / flying collar or hopper rig when deeper and over wrecks and rough ground. Two shads on a hopper rig can be devastating when fishing for cod. In freshwater, these shads work well for catching pike and zander.


WR1Tronixpro Wreckerz - Sunrise | 12.5cm£8.99
WR2Tronixpro Wreckerz - Mackerel | 12.5cm£8.99
WR4Tronixpro Wreckerz - Blood Line | 12.5cm£8.99
WR5Tronixpro Wreckerz - Holo Pink | 12.5cm£8.99
WR6Tronixpro Wreckerz - Lumo Glow | 12.5cm£8.99
WR7Tronixpro Wreckerz - Pearl | 12.5cm£8.99

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Blood Line | 12.5cm, Holo Pink | 12.5cm, Lumo Glow | 12.5cm, Mackerel | 12.5cm, Pearl | 12.5cm, Sunrise | 12.5cm