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Tronixpro Tapered Mainline


Key Features

  • Continuous reel mainline that runs from a running line of 15lb through to a 60lb shockleader
  • Developed for use on fixed spool reels and continental style rods where big knots can catch in the smaller rings of continental style rods
  • Having no knots makes the line stronger and there are no weaknesses which can occur from a knotted shockleader
  • Supplied on as a 240m spool tapering from 15lbs to 60lbs.

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Due to the refined nature of continental style surfcasting rods, big, bulky leader knots often associated with heavy shockleaders can struggle to fit through the rings of the rod efficiently, which can hinder casting distances. Our Xenon Tapered Mainline provides a seamless, 240m stretch of mainline that runs from a 15lb running line through to a 60lb shockleader, without knots. This helps the line to flow through the rings more efficiently during the initial stages of the cast. Designed for fixed spool reels, tapered mainlines can also be used on multiplier reels, especially those with a level wind, when fishing in a conventional style with a two-piece beachcaster. The line is made from a tough and durable material but retains suppleness to ensure casting efficiency and to reduce line twists and tangles.

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15lb-60lb | 240m

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Hooklink/Leader Material



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