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Tronixpro Norweigian Pirk


Key Features


  • Curved body combined with an unequal weight distribution produces an erratic, attractive fall
  • Ideal for targeting cod and pollack when wreck fishing
  • The go to lure for anglers fishing for big cod and halibut in Norway
  • Features a strong treble hook for larger species
  • Available in different weights to suit all fishing situations.

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Designed to attract cod and halibut in the cold waters of Norway, this lure is equally effective when fished around the waters of the UK and Northern Europe. The curved body combines with an unequal weight distribution. The weight of the lure is biased towards the hook end. These two unique characteristics combine to produce an erratic fall when the pirk is worked. To get maximum hits when using this pirk, it is best to draw the jig up and then allow it to fall under its own weight. This is when most fish will attack the pirk with vigour. These pirks feature strong treble hooks and come in five different weights suitable for all depths of water and states of tide. Use baited for maximum attraction.



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